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 How To Select A Dojo

With the multitude of Karate studios and Dojos popping up you may be wondering how to select the correct Dojo for you. We have listed several questions below to help you make an informed decision. Some of the questions are self explanatory, some will require an explanation. We hope these help.

  • How long has the school been around?
  • What are the qualifications of the instructor?
  • Is the facility adequate in size and is it well equipped?
  • Does the school offer a diverse class schedule?
  • Can you observe or participate in a complimentary class?

Compare prices.

Does the school want you to sign a contract? (Discounts for different payment options are OK, but be cautious of contracts)
Does the school promise you a particular belt color for signing a long term contract? (These are usually not a good thing. No one can predicte how quickly you will learn the skills and techniques required to achieve a particular rank. Different people progress normally at different rates.)
Does the school give additional family members a discount?
How much does the uniform and equipment cost?
Are there hidden costs like large initiation or membership fees?

The Martial Arts also teaches respect. If the instructor does not treat the students with respect he probably won't be able to teach them respect.

  • Does the instructor interact with the students and relate well to parents?
  • Are the classes structured and teach discipline and life skills?
  • Check to see what certification the school and the instructor have.
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